2010 - Now

I specialize in qualitative research & strategy for design: with keen observation in locating unmet needs of users, connecting analogous inspiration points, and applying my cultural knowledge - all towards improving experiences. I love merging the humanistic side of design with innovative, future possibilities.

+ I currently work with Holografik design studio in SF, designing, planning and conducting research for a variety of clients, whether for blue-sky innovation or usability testing. (2013/14)

+ I worked with Sterling Brands' Innovation team in LA, helping to analyze client brands, consumer behavior & competition - ideating and designing unique future-looking concepts for strategic development, based on user experience. (2012/13)

+ For a project on Urban Agribusiness, I facilitated design research and served as a strategist for BREAKER in NYC - a non-profit whose mission is to drive social innovation and alternative learning by mobilizing interdisciplinary teams of young creative collaborators (18-24 years old) to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. (2011/12)

+ I worked within a specialized team at Johnson & Johnson's design department in NYC - Cross-Sector Innovation & Design - planning and conducting innovative research into patient behavior, for forward-thinking healthcare solutions. (2010/11)