shoe storage cabinet & series of rugs

An entryway system of rugs & shoe storage, inspired by the Korean-American experience & the Korean tradition of shoe removal upon entering the home. The system provides a visual and haptic representation of the process of removing shoes in respect for the home.
The discrete shoe storage cabinet is unlike most existing solutions for shoe storage, elevating the typology to an elegant piece of entryway furniture.
The modular rugs adapt to many entryways, and through color and material, indicate the transition from outside to inside.
Both the cabinet and the rug design are based in a traditional Korean geometric pattern.

The dark grey rug, in a tight, short weave serves for wiping feet; the light grey, in a slightly looser, longer weave, is intended for pausing to remove shoes; the white rug is in a open, shaggy, soft weave, for providing a welcoming, comfortable, clean transition to & from the home.