aluminum light & shelf w/ curtain

The objects in our surroundings have the ability to influence, inspire, and teach us. For this reason, things that commonly make up workspace environments include useful objects, inspirational objects, and often, a window. The sill of a window can serve as a spot for locating these workspace objects, while combining them with the enjoyable aspects of the window. The Light Sill mimics and expands upon these qualities of a window and a sill, emphasizing both the behavior of using a sill as a shelf and our tendency to learn from the objects we place in our surroundings. The Light Sill offers an additional layer of complexity through the relationship of the light to the objects placed on the shelf. Both a light and a shelf, the Light Sill provides a designated, but not fixed, location for seeing our objects in a new way.

*A collaboration of SAIC Industry Partners Studio, Jonathan Olivares Design Research, and Danese-Milano



Light Sill is one of four finalists selected for possible production by Danese Milano.