maple cutting board w/ angled mirrors

A Cutting Board broken up into geometric planes provides a setting that relates the fragmenting of fresh food done when cutting fresh food to the fragmenting of objects done in Cubist works. Whereas chopping is often seen as a dull and obligatory task, a cutting board with angled mirrors that show multiple perspectives of chopped food enhances its visual qualities of color, texture, and transformation from an organic to geometric nature.

One of three in a series addressing the act and art of cooking, for my graduate thesis project, "Feast for the Eyes." An exploration into how we can potentially 'connect' with food in new ways, by connecting art to cooking.

“Cooking is the mental place--as the kitchen is the physical space--of gastronomy. It is an area that is constantly evolving, and the only thing that threatens it is abandonment, which is a brutalization of our civilization that we simply cannot afford. We must give cooking back its rightful dignity...”(Carlo Petrini, Slow Food Nation)

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